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A quote from composer Ned Rorem, from Trackings: Composers Speak with Richard Dufallo[1989, Oxford University Press]:

The only reason I mention originality with Stravinsky is because he has been so influential himself that nobody ever talks about whom he stole from... That famous Petrouchka texture, recognizable in a split second, of a pair of clarinets in close-harmony roulades, is actually cribbed from Ravel's Rhapsodie espagnole, which predates Petrouchka by three years. The entire prologue of Rossignol (1911) is almost a note-for-note steal from Debussy's Nuages (1895), which in turn comes too close for comfort to Moussorgsky's Sans soliel. The tenor solo from Oedipus Rex is a rewrite of Verdi's tenor solo Qui Miriam in the Requiem, while Jocasta's harangue is accompanied seemingly by Bartók's First Quartet, and so forth.

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The high-tech Juggling Jukebox by Bret Battey and James Jay

Overview | Technical Details | Art Pretense | Songs | Gallery | Credits

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