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The vending machine as performance art.

Sound Files

All sound files are 8 bit, 22 KHz Audio Interchange File Format (AIFF).

Shrove-Tide Fair (5 balls)
  • Sample audio file (145k): 22k_shrove_bite.aiff
  • Complete audio file (1624k): 22k_shrove.aiff
  • Circus Wagon (4 balls)
  • Sample audio file (213k): 22k_wagon_bite.aiff
  • Complete audio file (1216k): 22k_wagon.aiff
  • Ionic Collonade (3 balls)
  • Sample audio file (153k): 22k_ionic_bite.aiff
  • Complete audio file (1190k): 22k_ionic.aiff
  • Water Clock (3 balls)
  • Sample audio file (162k): 22k_wclock_bite.aiff
  • Complete audio file (1046k): 22k_wclock.aiff
  • Video Clips

    Cross-platform QuickTime(TM) format.

    MTV Europe newsreel (1088K)
    The Juggling Jukebox was featured in a report by MTV News on Northwest CyberArtists. Contrary to the voiceover statement, neither Jay or Battey are from New York, though they first met while living in Manhattan.

    The high-tech Juggling Jukebox by Bret Battey and James Jay

    Overview | Technical Details | Art Pretense | Songs | Gallery | Credits

    "Juggling Jukebox" is a trademark of James Jay.

    Hear Bret Battey's other endeavors in his Music Gallery.


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