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Pavel Merzo proudly displays his former Berlin haircut.

James Jay has played a host of wacky characters, including:

  • a boy pirate
  • a pompous proponent of Dada
  • an inept butcher named Poldarc Kohlrabi
  • a religious evangelist
  • a motivational speaker
  • a dry professor
  • an aardvark ballerina
  • and William Blake

Acting Roles

Don't be put off by the variety of faces you see on this website. James Jay is capable with connecting with a wide variety of audiences, from suits to punks.

An organizer of a street fair in Kreuzberg (Berlin's artist ghetto) raved about how Jay was a perfect fit for the neighborhood festival-goers. But what he didn't realize is that the clown-punk hairstyle pictured to the right was created specifically with the community in mind!

Corporate event planners can rest assured that they will get a more straight-laced character!

Clowning is a toned-down element of all acting, and James Jay defies the stereotypes you may have of clowns. Read on...

Photo of Pavel Merzo (right) by William Schmidt, Jr.

Untraditional Clowns

Put away your preconceptions!

Do you hate clowns?!

Have you been diagnosed with coulrophobia (fear of clowns)?!

Do you think clowns are just for kids?!

(If none of the above, click here for the unadulterated clowns!)

A testimonial from James Jay: "I, too, had severe allergies to clowns before I joined Circus Contraption. I didn't have anything against clowning, of course... I just couldn't stand clowns! But I have been cured of my prejudices and preconceptions, because I learned to know Pavel Merzo and he is the most obscure, lovable and untraditional clown you could meet."

Ready to meet Pavel? Ready to face your fears? Ready to bring out the clowns?

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