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James Jay initiated the concept, choreographed the juggling, and designed and built the visual/physical elements of the Juggling Jukebox. He is a juggler and sculptor. For more information, see his juggling bio.

Bret Battey debugs the juggling mechanism. Bret Battey composed/programmed the music and engineered the sound design and human interface. He has a degree in Electronic and Computer Music from Oberlin Conservatory, where he studied with Conrad Cummings and Gary Nelson. Battey has also served in New York as Assistant Engineer at Philip Glass's recording studio, The Living Room, and at Studio P.A.S.S., a non-profit studio for sound artists. He has performed his works--which utilize chaos mathematics and a rich palette of digital samples--at the 17th Annual International Electronic Music Plus Festival, Synesthesia: The 1993 Seattle Art and Technology Fest, and Seattle's Center on Contemporary Art. His work has received coverage in Computer Music Journal and Mix Magazine. Bret can be reached at bret@BatHatMedia.com.

Stephen Macatee and Bob Moses engineered the firmware and provided generous technical assistance.

911 Media Arts and Northwest Cyberartists commissioned the premier performance of the high-tech Juggling Jukebox for "Beyond Fast Foward," a technology arts conference in Seattle in October, 1994. Corporate sponsorship was provided by Mars Electronics International and PAVO.

The high-tech Juggling Jukebox by Bret Battey and James Jay

Overview | Technical Details | Art Pretense | Songs | Gallery | Credits

"Juggling Jukebox" is a trademark of James Jay.

Hear Bret Battey's other endeavors in his Music Gallery.


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