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The original Juggling Jukebox

Man or Machine? James Jay's Juggling Jukebox! The Juggling Jukebox™ is a juggling act in which a frozen juggler is set in motion by audience interaction. The mechanical juggling movements are composed into "songs." After performing a requested choreography sequence, the Juggling Jukebox returns to its original static position.

The Juggling Jukebox is a silent ("mime") piece. The audience brings the frozen robot to life by pulling a free ticket (or by donating money in a busking situation). The jukebox is programmed with over a dozen different juggling "songs" featuring 1 to 5 balls.

The robot juggler can be outfitted either as a clown or as a straightforward black-clad artiste, as best suits the audience. A large accompanying circus banner (shown here) can help brighten your party or festival.

The juggling is inspired by abstract mechanical motion and the arrangements make use of musically derived rhythm and phrasing. The songs showcase a mix of juggling standards, highly skilled tricks, and original inventions.

The first iteration of the Juggling Jukebox was originally developed as a street-performance piece for Seattle's Pike Place Market. With your sponsorship, James Jay also performs the show free to the public at festivals, private parties and corporate events.


The high-tech Juggling Jukebox wires interactive electronic music to James Jay's juggling motions. A limited-time collaboration with composer Bret Battey, the premiere of this piece in October of 1994 was commissioned for "Beyond Fast Forward," an art and technology conference.

Other electronic juggling ideas from James Jay are awaiting sponsorship! Electronics supplier? Let's talk!


The Juggling Jukebox can be "rented" by visiting the booking page!

"Juggling Jukebox" is a trademark of James Jay.


The best quotes from spectators are quoted in the Juggling Jukebox Top 10 List.


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