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The boy pirates (James Jay at right) face their nightmares in Circus Contraption's show ...All Fall Down.

Send in the Clowns

In addition to blending clowning techniques into more traditional characters, James Jay is an "agent" for the following out-and-out clowns:

Pavel Merzo

The young, dynamic and somewhat naive Pavel Merzo performed with Circus Contraption from 1999 through 2001, playing the following characters in addition to himself:

  • an insane butcher, passing clubs in a 3-person juggling act
  • a boy pirate, in a sword fight and glow-ball juggling act
  • an aardvark ballerina: playing a bass drum on point
  • and more, including cleaning up after the elephants

Pavel hails from Oblivia, where his uncle Bezi began teaching him circus skills behind his father's back.

For his own story in his own oh-so-eloquent words, see Pavel's own website.

Photo of Pavel by Charles Ericksen

Berzerk ("Bezi") Merzo

After years of employment as a clown with the now defunkt Staatzirk Oblivus (State Circus of Oblivia), and now facing a midlife crisis, Bezi Merzo is looking to put away his whiteface and is seeking employment as an office worker. His relevant skills include juggling the books and playing dumb. If you know of an office where a clown would feel at home, please email bezi@jamesjay.com.

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