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Multiplex Help

Online juggling workshop by James Jay

Multiplexing is throwing or catching more than one object at the same time with the same hand. Multiplexing can involve single tricks or continuous patterns. It can add variety to your repertoire and make juggling a larger number of balls easier (although it will by no means satisfy numbers juggling purists, who scoff at a seven-ball multiplex).

Muliplexing other props is possible, but balls offer the most potential in this area of juggling. Therefore, you will find that references to multiplexing generally relate to ball juggling unless otherwise indicated.

Multiplex Help Directory

Multiplex Throws
Learn the various ways to throw 2 or more balls from one hand that form the foundation for multiplex patterns and tricks.
Tricks and Patterns
Approaches to developing your own multiplex moves, plus a number of specific tricks and patterns.
Siteswaps for Multiplexes
The complexity of multiplexes does not phase the mathematic jugglers among us. This page addresses the basics of siteswap notation for multiplexes.
Club Multiplexing
Some tricks for multiplexing clubs--multiplex passes and 3-club starts.
The following quick-link reference line will appear at the bottom of these central multiplexing help pages to allow you to navigate quickly among them:

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