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I create unique, conceptually-focused experiences for you!

Welcome, Christians!

James Jay is a professional juggler based in Berlin (Germany) and Seattle (USA).

Visit my normal home page to read about my Juggling Jukebox™ act and other juggling shows that have nothing to do with Jesus.

Of particular interest to Christians, however, are of course not the mime acts or musical numbers, but those juggling shows that feature The Word! I have a complete series that combines poetry with juggling, and much of this is related to Christianity.

The Animated Blake combines hellfire juggling and moving preaching to illuminate William Blake's work. Blake was a Christian visionary who painted poetry with a "colorful" and "individual" theology.

More traditional is my short wedding routine based on the love passage in II Corinthians. Blake was a Christian visionary who painted poetry with a "colorful" and "individual" theology.

My Bible flourishing* can also be customized to underscore a particular theme for religious events or Christian services.

*My trademark book manipulation is based on a combination of plate flourishing and cigar-box juggling techniques.

Jugglers for Jesus

After exploring my site, the North Americans among you should check out the Christian Jugglers homepage!

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