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James Jay has been performing wacky juggling routines since 1992.

Man with a mission

Evangelistic jugglers want to teach everyone to juggle, because juggling is the center of the universe. I, on the other hand, think juggling is absolutely ridiculous!

These concepts drive my work:

  • simple
  • direct
  • focused
  • novel
  • artistic
  • unpretentious
  • unexpected
  • fun!

Focus is key to juggling presentation, because normally juggling is so darn boring! My conceptual bent hones in on the crucial kernel of a presentation, and attunes itself to the particular audience.

But I love juggling, so instead of littering a standard routine with stand-up comedy, I find other hooks for drawing the uniniated into the juggling cult. I like to cut out the baggage and take things to the extreme.

Simply put: I create unique, conceptually-focused experiences for you!.

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Berlin & Seattle

James Jay, Jongleur: Erfinderische kinetische Technik für die Unterhaltungsindustrie
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