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James Jay with Melissa Kerber on the vertical rope, performing with Circus Contraption.


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During his tenure with Circus Contraption, James Jay expanded his repertoire of physical and circus skills. While not a top-notch acrobat, Jay's fundamental skill level in a variety of disciplines provides him with a broad pallette for expression.

A masked club-swinging act from Circus Contraption's show, ...All Fall Down.

Jay's manipulation skills are focused on solo ball-juggling, team club-passing, and book flourishing. He also performs hat manipulation, club and poi swinging, staff spinning, and other related arts.

A fundamental knowledge of partner acrobatics (acro-balancing) and aerial work gives Jay casting flexibility in group shows. He has performed duo work on the Spanish Web (a.k.a. vertical rope, see photo).

As an aardvark ballerina with Circus Contraption, James Jay also learned to walk on point! His overall ballet skills are, however, limited to the level commonly displayed by nocturnal ungulate mammals.

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