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Top Ten

The Juggling Jukebox elicits an astonishing array of reactions ranging from quotes to pokes. We chart here the most intriguing of the verbal responses for your amusement. All are actual, honest-to-God quotes from spectators.

He IS a dummy for standing there like that. 10. "Is that a robot?"

9. "It's Cyberman!"

8. "I bet if we tickled him he'd move."

7. "He gots three hands!"

6. "You're still not sure if he's real?"

5. "I wish you would stay still that long."

4. "He is a dummy for standing there like that."

3. "I think he's standing there just to see what people say."

2. "Where's the remote control? Somebody hit pause."

1. "Mom, is that real juggling?"

"Juggling Jukebox" is a trademark of James Jay.

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